Jean-Pierre Kunkel’s works are subject to a special aesthetic requirement, the basis of which is the digital composition of precisely fitting visual elements. The motifs wisely optimized in this way unfold their engaging and extraordinary effect when translated into oil on canvas. This technique also underlies his latest series ICONS in the style of Pop Art. For this, Kunkel has drawn on the wealth of existing photographs of extraordinary characters from the movie, fashion, and entertainment industries. His Marilyn Monroe was created by combining various photographic elements that the artist reassembled like a jigsaw puzzle, thus creating his personal ideal of the internationally renowned icon. His works are painted digitally on the computer, then printed on canvas, stretched on stretcher bars, and finished manually with acrylic paint. Using his technique, Jean-Pierre Kunkel achieves a triple level of design that makes serial works unique. In this way, the unique artistic personalities and their creative achievements are brought out and appreciated in a special way. Fractal construction of the visual environment emphasizes the often complex personality and life structures of the protagonists, which contributes in large part to the enduring fascination around their personality.